Control Your Own Domain Names

The domain name doesn’t get a lot of respect from business owners these days, even with the internet’s explosive popularity. Even the Dallas Cowboys and their heralded owner Jerry Jones seem to give it little thought because halfway through the 2010 season their domain expired. It’s not just the millionaire owner of one of the leagues most popular franchises that gives little thought to their businesses domain name.

Recently I had a client come to me and ask for the login to their domain management account. After reviewing my records I realized that I did not have anything on file for their domain management. After talking with the client again I contacted the domain’s registrar. The domain registrar can’t tell you much about an owner of a domain, so this part took awhile.

After a few hours of comparing the whois information with what little I could glean from the registrar, I discovered that the domain was registered to the restaurants old manager, who was fired a few months earlier.

Now to regain control of their domain the business owner has to either ask an ex-employee who likely doesn’t even know they have the domain in their account, or attempt to prove ownership with the domains registrar. All of which could have been avoided by taking control and setting up their own domain account to hold all of their domains.

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