Announcing StashSite

We would like to officially announce StashSite is open and available for public use.

What is StashSite?
StashSite is a website where you can quickly stash HTML, a text conversation, css, an image, a flash object, a grocery list for your wife, a todo list for your husband, absolutely ANYTHING you want!

The sky is the limit as long as the code only uses HTML or plain text. No java, javascript, AJAX, PHP, etc.. code will display. StashSite will display the actual code though on the “get code” page attached to each stash at the bottom of the page so you can share code with other programmers. here are some full code examples: and

Secret Stash
You can also make a secret stash. By default the stash pages are a randomly generated assortment of numbers, however, your stash can become more private by selecting the check box next to “I’m just testing. Delete after a few hours”. Secret Stashes are erased every 3 hours making this an ideal way to openly transmit a quick message that needs to be kept private.

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