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I'm Joe Youngblood and I have been doing online marketing since before Google was a household name. I currently work full time as the Senior SEO Strategist for WrightIMC, a full service digital agency in Plano, TX. I am also on the board of directors for DFWSEM, the oldest and most well known local search engine marketing non-profit organization, I speak at Pubcon conferences, and I also speak at colleges and universities about online marketing. I have a passion to help small businesses succeed in online marketing. Let me help you understand the internet, and how you can use it to drive more customers to your business.

Talks, Blog Posts, Interviews, Slide Decks

Here are papers, blog posts, slide decks, and interviews I have done from around the internet

My Story - Condensed Version

In the Fall of 1995 instead of studying I spent my time building websites using HTML. I remember learning HTML 2.0 when it was brand new and looking at the great CGI work done by Matt at Matt's Script Archive.

Back then I made websites for myself. I built an 'internet mall' like many other webmasters eager to get online. The mall sold books, cd's, clothes, computers and other stuff until I graduated high school in 1999.

Fast forward a decade and I founded Dot Media in 2008 to help small businesses succeed in the ever growing world of local-internet competition.

Let me use my years of experience as an seo and internet marketer to help your small business get a piece of the internet. Contact us here at Dot Media today and lets work together to make your online presence the best it can be.

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